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Reasons for Being Denied Credit

There are a number of reasons for being denied credit, such as a history of paying late or slowly, having had collection procedures initiated against you, or having filed for bankruptcy. Having too many credit cards can be another. Even if you don't use the cards, they represent credit that's available to you. If that credit becomes too high a percentage of your salary, no one will want to loan you money. A creditor may even refuse you credit if you've had too many credit inquiries over the past few months, because that may mean you've got multiple applications for credit being applied for simultaneously.

Another problem is credit fraud. It is all too easy for unscrupulous people to get access to your personal information, which can then be used to apply for credit in your name. If you find that you are getting bills for things you didn't buy, take action immediately! The sooner credit fraud is discovered, the sooner you can start to make repairs to your credit rating.
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